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wristbands (at nxne)

On Sat, 1 Jun 1996, kelly wrote:
>   i went to nxne last year as an under-ager and
>  i only got asked for i.d. at one show. when you
>  flash your wristband they usually don't ask. even
>  at the lee's palace i strolled right in with my
>  nxne wristband. i won't guarantee sucess everytime
>  but it worked for me.

when elizabeth, derek, neal and i went to musicwest, one of us was a mere
18 years old and since the legal age in bc is 19, we were terrified he
(ok, it was neal) wouldn't get into any of the shows. ha! if you travel in
a group, just get everyone to look really busy and important ;) and flash
your wristbands *really* quickly and get going. if you can, bring along
reasonable (neal!) fake id. it worked for us. and patrick's right, try to
befriend a band member or two, they always are helpful. jay and chris made
sure we all got into the keynote address; chris even gave his personal
pass to us. what heroes... :)

although i'm not sure what the bars and bouncers are like there (ie/if
they are sticklers for age id at every show), you should give this method
a try. good luck (i am *so* jealous, but i suppose we can't go to every
festival, now, can we? :) )

is anyone planning on attending the super friendz show at the national
campus radio conference in hamilton? the local rabbits are playing, too.
well, hope to see some of you there. :) i'm not sure if you have to be a
delegate or not..any other ncra types out there know?


ps/ could someone email me *privately* if they actually know what went
down with pavement (ie/ those break up rumors)? thanks. avoid writing if
you only heard gossip, i can find that on various newsgroups. :)

ps+/ oh my god, the line up of shows in halifax over the next few weeks is
just sickeningly great. why oh why did i have to graduate in june.....you
lucky little brats!! :)