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Re: kill kill kill

On Wed, 29 May 1996, Michael Graham wrote:
> what was said about twice removed at music west (by sloan)

the main thing that i got from their discussion of twice removed was that
it was pretty much a completely reactionary record. chris kept talking
about how they were reacting against the style of music that at one time
had been on the fringes but was now permeating music charts everywhere.
well, duh. :)

chris murphy: we're in the business of making history.
jay ferguson: celine dion is not in the business of making history.

haha! :)


ps/ tongue in cheek? you bet.
ps+/ elizabeth recorded the entire address, so maybe one day she'll put
some of it into her zine "hello kitty's all star pajama party" *or* post
it to sloan net.
ps++/ so is anyone going to review the show at birdland last night? as if
i'm going to believe what roderick has to say...like my mom always said,
"you can't trust a guy who listens to genesis and likes it."