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Re: moonsocket fans read this

>To: nstar\!/ibm.net
>From: petrie\!/ra.isisnet.com (Settler, New drunk Driver)
>Subject: Re: moonsocket fans read this
>Cc: jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca
>>About that Moonsocket/Piebald/Sanisoft show last week........
>>Moonsocket are an opening band at best.  What's with apogizing 
>>before your set, and explaining why they suck.  It's not charming or
>>funny that we pay the money to see a band that hasn't even practiced 
>>before their show.  Moonsocket were boring and self-indulgent.
>>Everyone at the show should wonder why they sat through such three
>>chord crap.  Was it because Moonsocket is a good band or is it because
>>Chris Thompson used to play in Eric's Trip.  
>   Whoa,..I must have been even more smashed than I thought, cause I
thought it moonsocket *rawked*. Does anyone Know if the show's lineup is the
permanent moonsocket line up? Did anyone tape the show (I'd like to see what
effect sobriety would have on my enjoyment of the music)....

 ps. learn from my mistake, nyquil is *not* a recreational drug, even if
taken with the "shark".

 Douglas Aaron Petrie
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