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Re: local rabbits \!/ hmv???

chris sed:

>my friend told me somethign like The Local Rabbits will be playing at
>HMV in toronto (333 yonge) on June 13 at 1 pm????

yep. is it 1 pm tho? 

>oh yah i think he also sed they are playing on the 14 at some venue as a
>part of NxNE but i dunno if i'll go. first cuz it'll cost money and no

that would be the ultrasound. and yep, it's licensed.

also, on the 15th of june, the local rabbits r also playing at rotate this
in toronto at 3 pm. holy overdose! but that's ok, i think i can handle it ;)

if u check the gigs at the back of exclaim, u'll see they will also be
playing in halifax, charlottetown, and kingston this month..

.hl. geeks r kewl dammit!