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local rabbits take Ottawa by storm...or something like that

well, what can I say...a licensed show spells trouble yet again...
there weren' many of us who came out for the show last night (with 
openers spiny anteaters, who despite patty schmidt's current obsession 
with them, are waaaaaaaay overrated in my books...overindulgent indie 
noise rock is hard to pull off...leave it to sonic youth, will ya ?). It 
was pretty sad knowing that had the event been all ages there may just 
have been a good turnout. The Rabbits played a blistering set in front of 
friends and family who had come down from MOntreal to see them...The new 
drummer kicks ass...the old drummer was hilarious, and we all miss him, 
but this new drummer more than holds his own...I love that whistle :)
they played about and hour and 20 minutes....topping off the set with a 
cover of Wings' "I love you"....wicked !!!!  the organ sounds are 
sweet...and the bassist has those pelvic thrusts down...oh...they played 
that one song where he plays lead guitar...with the lyric "only I can 
love you like a hurricane" hehe...beauty...I wish I had been able to go 
see them in Cornwall tonight...don't miss'em if they come anywhere near 
you...oh, and a message to Margie, who thumbed her nose at these boys a 
while back, "these boys are the shit !!!!!!!...they kick more ass than 
all of those schlocky artsy NYC bands put together"...in a few words, 
they kicked my ass so hard that I can barely sit down :)

PS. thrush hermit before, super friendz and Hayden this time....all sorts 
of Can-con opening for GBV lately...wassup with dat ???  

PPS. local rabbits touring with super friendz...holy adrenalin shock !!!!!