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local rabbits \!/ hmv???

my friend told me somethign like The Local Rabbits will be playing at
HMV in toronto (333 yonge) on June 13 at 1 pm????
i'm there dude.

wow, new sloan cd on the 12 (i STILL haven't heard the new song its
killing me) and free local rabbits on the 13. i'll get themto autograph
my cd.  ne other sloannetters planning on going e-mail me so we can make
plans on how to meeeeeeet.

oh yah i think he also sed they are playing on the 14 at some venue as a
part of NxNE but i dunno if i'll go. first cuz it'll cost money and no
one seems to want to hire me and secondly it'll probably be licenced and
it costs too much for me to get to toronto and get turned away at the
door. coo? coo!