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summertime and the livin' is easy

ok, so the weather pretty much sucks for most people i've talked to and
officially summer is still a month away, but anyway, in the latest web
edition of the coast (a halifax reader), you can find a fairly interesting
article about the summertime plans for a large number of artists based in
atlantic canada - everyone from ashley macisaac to plumtree to l'il orton
hogget to stinkin' rich to the rankin family. i'm surprised no one from
halifax mentioned it, but then again, maybe nobody reads the coast. except
for the porn.

anyway, the URL is


why i'm mentioning it again is beyond me, but anyway, you can usually
catch some interesting hfx music news in the coast as well as a taste of
the wild and zany lifestyle of those terminally hip haligonians.

bah, who'd want to live there *anyway*?