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Re: ET going out with a bang

>        Big news on the Eric's Trip show in Moncton next month.  They'll be
>playing with Very Special Guests, and we all know who they are.  Do you
>suppose they changed their name to very special guests so that they could
>get off geffen?  HAHA.  Yes, I'm talking about Sloan, the rumour is that on
>June 16(it's what I heard anyways) these two(ET and Sloan) will be playing
>at the MacNaughtan Science and Technology(or high school I suppose if you
>like, but it's much more than just a high school) Center auditorium.  700
>seats, all ages, tickets 9 bucks, on sale starting tomorrow I think.

        So that's great and fine, I sure hope that this topic keeps going on
Sloan net because I need all the info I can get.  And if tickets go on sale
tomorrow could I please have a number to call to get tickets.  Because if
I'm going to get my parents to take me I'll need all the info I can get.

Thanks a lot,