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Re: kill???

>Okay, if I'm not mistaken the new Jale comes out sometime in the next couple 
>of weeks, but I did have the wonderful opportunity to see the video on Much 
>yesterday.  The first single is "All Ready".  It's seems like a pretty 
>groovy song, and a cool video...it's not super interesting but not bad 
>either.  Just right.

Yeah, you're right.  The jale album comes out on the 4 of june.  It's called
"so wound."  Elizabeth was just trying to give us all a glimpse of her power
'cause she is one of those music reviewer/dj types and managed to get the
album a couple of months ago.

I've had the oportunity to listen to the said "advance" cd once, and
although I wasn't really paying that much attention (I'm a busy man, y'know
:) what I heard I liked.

Don't worry about what elizabeth says, she likes cub :)


Nick Contento is the new big boss of alternative music (sorry Joe :)