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Re: kommotion #2 and other stuff

> Hmmp.  That's nothing compared to when I got a reply from Al Tuck this past
> week, I truly almost nearly fainted and I couldn't talk without my voice
> shaking for about 2 hours.
> Molly

I don't know if he's an maritimer or not, but I was pretty shocked when 
Snailhouse (Michael F.) called my brother because he forgot if he'd 
written him back or not (he wrote asking about any releases). 
I also have so letters from Julie and one from Jay Ferg. (I can't 
spell) which are heavily guarded in a start of the art facility which I 
like to call "The Strong House."
speaking of Sloan, I had a tour of the Pearson international airport 
(Toronto) today and they informed us that Sloan were there last week 
filming a video. Wish I had the tour a week earlier!
	See yah,  Adrian