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ET going out with a bang

        Big news on the Eric's Trip show in Moncton next month.  They'll be
playing with Very Special Guests, and we all know who they are.  Do you
suppose they changed their name to very special guests so that they could
get off geffen?  HAHA.  Yes, I'm talking about Sloan, the rumour is that on
June 16(it's what I heard anyways) these two(ET and Sloan) will be playing
at the MacNaughtan Science and Technology(or high school I suppose if you
like, but it's much more than just a high school) Center auditorium.  700
seats, all ages, tickets 9 bucks, on sale starting tomorrow I think.
        I must once again say that this is a rumour, but from a reliable
source.  She's from Moncton heard it from someone who would know.  I myself
will probably be in Moncton this weekend and I'll check it out for myself
to make positivily sure.
       Also I guess that the Local Rabbits will be playing with the
Monoxides sometime very soon at the Esquire.  Is moncton becoming a hot
spot for rock concerts?
        Anyways I guess that's all for now, I should know more soon.  Some
lame ass wants to add to this post though.

Hey everyone it is me, Paul Landry, former sloannetter.  I just wanted to
say that I'm going and sucks to you who are not.

     Dedicating this to all those who ask for guitar tabsily yours,
     Paul Landry

PS:  I don't know this guy, well I could pretend that I don't anyways, well
just don't send hate mail to me, he should be back online in fall, you can
save it up
PPS: I have no ride to Halifax this weekend to see Scratching Post and The
New Grand, I'm upset, is anyone going to be video taping it?

Sackville is not just some "town of bags" out in New Brunswick.