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kommotion #2 - the inbreds

Tara Lee Wittchen <tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca> writes:

> [warning: extremely stupid post with somewhat obsessive content]  :)

You want obsessive? When the Kommotion came to my apartment I couldn't
figure out who the hell would be writing me from Halifax, then I saw on the
back that it was hand-addressed by Dave Ullrich! I started dancing around
my apartment building lobby yelling "I'll never wash my envelope again!",
and then had it stuffed and mounted above my TV. Now whenever I have people
over I point to my wall and say "Look! An Inbred wrote to me!" and they
look at me like I'm some kind of slack-jawed yokel.

Brooks Duncan                                    Victoria, BC Canada
           I really believe all the things I say to you
               It's just that none of them are true.