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Okay, if I'm not mistaken the new Jale comes out sometime in the next couple 
of weeks, but I did have the wonderful opportunity to see the video on Much 
yesterday.  The first single is "All Ready".  It's seems like a pretty 
groovy song, and a cool video...it's not super interesting but not bad 
either.  Just right.

>>>cool new jale video! I was afraid that they'd keep making them themselves
>>>  and they'd all turn out like the ones from _Closed_  *shudder*  
>>>the jale single has a lot of lava hay in it, sounds great though.
>>        Sorry, i'm without cable, but what is the new jale single?  Has
>>anyone else heard the new album yet?  I've had it for a couple of months
>>now, and at first i was pretty crazy about it, but after a few listens, it's
>>become a real yawner.  Any other opinions?
>Hoodilly Doodliy! Now I'm confused! I thought that the new Jale record was
>coming out at the beginning of June! Can somebody please throw me a
>lifesaver and get me back into the loop! 
>Thanks a lunch!
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