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kill kill kill

hi folks

Did I miss the post where geneyus(sp?) personally insulted every member
of this list and their mother??????

Holy frig! Lighten up on the guy. 

Those drummer jokes were great. And as far as being irrelevant...I think
that the signal to noise ratio is constantly hovering around the zero
mark, so why is this one individual singled out?

what I want to know:

what's with this whole DGC/Sloan thing?
cool new jale video! I was afraid that they'd keep making them themselves
  and they'd all turn out like the ones from _Closed_  *shudder*  
the jale single has a lot of lava hay in it, sounds great though.
is there a heavy band in town? need something to take the place of
   Horseshoes/Spine/Sanisoft. What's the metal like at Cafe Ole?
what's up with Krapz? I love them.
what was said about twice removed at music west (by sloan)
will there be another pop explosion?
will there be a lawn jam?
when is sloan's next halifax gig?


and a note to bob and craig - KEEP GOING. I want to see a killer bass/drum
(THUD THUD THUD) duo in town...there's too much wimpy pop. CRUSH IT!!!  :)

ok - bye for another month.