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kommotion #2 - the inbreds

[warning: extremely stupid post with somewhat obsessive content]  :)

in the new Kommotion (that inbreds newsletter thing), there's a photo on
the back page with the super friendz (drew, matt, and charles) and dave
and mike. drew and dave are sort of helping this guy up onto the
rocks...but in the process, drew is giving him a HUMONGOUS wedgie. the
inbreds new address (box 873 hfx ns b3j 2v9) is pasted over this guy's
bum. i'm just curious...whose bum is *that*??? i remember the super
friendz and the inbreds went out to peggy's cove last spring with colin
mackenzie, catherine stockhausen, chris murphy, and marc brown. since
catherine took the picture, i'm assuming it isn't her bum. :) well, i
guess i'm just wondering if anyone is brave enough to take a guess. i have
my own theory.....

incidentally, who's the schmuck on the front of the newsletter with the
stubbie in hand? i didn't know they still made those. :)

that will be all.


"Marge, anyone can miss Canada, all the way tucked down there."
                                 - Homer J. Simpson