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One Chord To T'other.........

        Okay, this is just a rumour I heard from a Cdn. Musician who will
remain nameless (but who is someone who is "in the loop" to such a degree
that I'd be pretty inclined to listen to them and grant the traditional
grain of salt) on Saturday; Apparently, DGC and their minions have heard
the new Sloan album...and want it, and Sloan, Back. 

        Like I said, it's just a rumour, and therefore suspect as all
hell...but as rumours go it's a pretty damn intriguing one. 

        Anyone out there heard about this ? Would anyone care to play
"Confirm or Deny" ? 

        I mean, the whole process of Leaving DGC was so glossed over by all
reports, so much so that I'd be curious what the exact mechanism for their
departure was; and if DGC has, in fact, any exsisting claim upon the band
and/or their output......

        Just Axing, 



        (P.S. To chime in on another, unrelated topic, Great Pacific Ocean
is a great song for TH or any band- like jale's Not Happy, it manages to
convey a certain sense of Rock/Pop sensibility with a deeper, darker