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Re: new single

At 03:54 PM 5/28/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I heard this...i thought it was okay, but i like patrick's one with the
>horns better...i forget what it's called though..
  On the cbc thing I think Patrick said it's called "everything you've done
wrong" - I keep listening over and over (and over...) to the little bit of
it that I have.
  The Newmusic just showed the musicwest bit about 20 minutes ago, along w/
a bit of footage of Sloan playing that very song and Criss and Nardwuar
sharing an intimate, uh, tongue moment.  There was food involved; kind of gross.
                                     unless you like that sorta thing ;),

ps. fave Thrush Hermit songs?  "the GPO", "Take another Drag"... summer songs.
pps. Shant, I got the tape yesterday, and it's so fucking good that I'm just
going nuts - what have you done to me??!? I'm *completely* converted.
ppps. stop messing w/ my mind KRIS Murphy, or I'll have to come raid the
boarding school.

   "when will our fucking hearts cease to riot"