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just a few things..

[psst.. all you slackers out there!  _itmt_/inbreds contest deadline 
extended to june 7.  get yer entries in soon!  ..well, you don't have to..]

confusion, as usual -->  i'm not sure when the local rabbits are playing 
the nXne.  the web page says "friday, 1:00 am".  now, are they saying 
friday morning, as in they're playing the first day, part of thursday's 
program?  OR do they technically mean saturday morning, but they're part of 
the friday night line-up?  could someone clarify this for me?

"good in everyone" is cool, but i was under the impression that the song 
was the one with the horns in it; the one with the chorus "do your time 
and then come home for good", because when i've heard mention of the 
single, that patrick song was playing in the background.  but, who 
cares.  it's a patrick song.  i'm happy. :)

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  maybe they needed more money for that chicken dinner....
p.p.s.  would some east coast-ish bands hurry up and tour??!?!?? 
especially l'il orton.  screw the super friendz -- orton is it.  ..well, 
just as long as he doesn't eat anymore squirrel weiners. ew.  but i guess 
he was being ecologically sound.... !?

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