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Re: Eric's trip - that's a wrap

> eric's trip are playing their very last show (apparently) on saturday,
> june 15, 1996 in moncton. rick wants to focus on E2H and that's pretty
> well the main reason why ET is no more. thee suddens will be on the bill
> at that show. all of this info is c/o mike leblanc of thee suddens so
> blame/thank him.

of course dear Tara has totally over looked the fact that Julie hasn't
wanted to go out on tour since having Benjamin or that Chris is starting
become successful as Moonsocket but being trapped in Rick's shadow as 
part of ET. From my perspective this break-up has been brewing seen before

Forever Again came out and is a mutual parting of ways. After all it is
Julie got the album deal with Sub Pop in the short time since this the ET 
breakup was official...