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Re: new single

>it seems as though everyone missed the new sloan single "the good in 
>everyone" being played on realtime last saturday after the (sickish) jale 
>at the beginning there was a sample of their introduction at last year's 
>edgefest show and lotsa people going "woooo!"
>i really like it.
>lisa c-w.
        Oh, geez, I gotta dissagree- I mean, the single is okay (That
guitar riff (seemingly ripped off form "Pump It UP") does not fit the rest
of the song), but that live who--hoo stuff is insanely annoying. Ouch, it
bugs me. If we like Sloan, we know they're good, so spare us the live
chimpery-and if we don't like them, convince us they're good with the song
and not the live nonsense. 


"Against The Grain"