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Re: E.T. break up (asking for info)

On Tue, 28 May 1996, Bos Family wrote:
> know?  Is there any plans to rerelease older (caterpillars, etc.)
> material (I thought someone had mentioned at one time that there were
> plans to do that).  Will ANYTHING else be released?  So sad, at least

whoops, i did mean to mention this. apparently the early eric's trip stuff
that has never been released will most likely be available on cd sometime
soon. as for what record label is taking on this noble task, mike leblanc
("cute guy" to roderick) said sub pop and squirtgun were possibilities.
perhaps lee could comment on this.

as for where eric's trip are playing, with who, what time, how much, is it
all ages....i don't have any of that information. maybe some of the
moncton kids on this list will post it.

personally, if i was 14 i would find a way to sneak in if it wasn't all
ages. hide in mark's drum kit if you must. pretend to be shant's bear.