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E.T. break up (asking for info)

Sorry to bother everyone about the topic, but my server disconnected me 
from Sloannet for about a month, and I've missed all the tasty info and 
discussions (I've been going through withdrawl!).  I was surprised to 
learn after logging back on that E.T. broke up!  They quit in mid-tour I 
heard!  Well!!!  Could anyone fill me in if there's anything else to 
know?  Is there any plans to rerelease older (caterpillars, etc.) 
material (I thought someone had mentioned at one time that there were 
plans to do that).  Will ANYTHING else be released?  So sad, at least 
they will still be available in one form or another!  Thanks for any 
help you can give,
			Lost in Wallaceburg, Ontario,

			Adrian Bos