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Re: Cool Blue Halo and Licorice Fix... an update.

> >Who the hell is this My Pet Genius and why should I care about them?
> My Pet Genius are...
> ...a three man wacking day crew.
> ...perverters of all noise beautiful.
> ...not from the east coast, but their hearts are there.  please send them
> back to us.  we need them to live!
> ...worth the 7 bucks you send to: Squeek Records, po box 544, Station "P",
> Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2T1.
> ...upset that ET went home.
> ...bored, aging Christians.
> ...three men existing together platonically, but not too afraid to admit
> that their self-love is unlike any other.
> ...fans of "Smeared"-era Sloan.
> ...1 part guitar, i hate bass, i hate drums, 2 parts coffee, 3 parts
> sampletons, 2 parts mono synths, and 3 parts "the smelly green shit".
> ...playing with an East coast band, which is why it's pertinent to Sloannet.

...an easy target for ridicule.
...inept at self-promotion.
...very good in their opinion.
...apparently not well known outside their circle of friends.
...not going to become better known if they keep acting stupid.
...not giving me any good reasons why I should care about them.

> >On the same note, who the hell am I and why should you care?
> My question exactly.  Let me know.  I need to see the light before I can
> move forward into the great unknown.

You are the light.  we are all moving forward towards you.  Show us the

> >Extending from that, I know who Tara Lee Wittchen is and I still don't
> >care (ha ha)
> Found out who she was and shame on you.  She seems like a lovely gurl.

A-ha!  you don't know enough about her I guess, because Joe was just making
a little joke.  You see, Joe Chan is Tara's *other* girlfriend.

Now let's all stop being so philosophical.  All this "who am I?" bullshit
is giving me a headache.


> Geneyus.

Oh yeah, this was all just for fun Geneyus (at least I found it fun),
so don't take it seriously.  (ie, this is my apology in advance for
insulting you).  


You have a problem with ...?