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The Gremlins of Rock tour!

hi all -- some things are still yet to be finalized, but this tour is happ'ning 
(and yes, there's east coast content!) including Chickpea, Radioblaster, the Grace 
Babies (EC content!!!), Splitsville, us (Tonebursts), B'ehl, Cheerleader, 
Speedbuggy, Kaneva, and a whole thwack of other bands from Boston to Vancouver and 
most places in between taking place from June 6 to July 2nd

Look for finalized dates real soon-like now, tho this isn't going any further east 
in Canada than Montreal.

On a somewhat related note, we're (my band by our lonesome) having quite the time 
trying to book places between boston and buffalo, and i'm wondering if anyone has 
any suggested venues or people to call or basements to play or anything like that 
between june 7 and 13 

Also, are there any venues or basements in St. Catherines or Barrie ON?