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Cool Blue Halo and Licorice Fix... an update.

Hello boys and gurls,

I'd like to mention, yet again, that Cool Blue Halo and Licorice Fix will be
on tour together during the month of June. Mainly Ontario, though it might
take in Quebec City and Montreal as well.

Licorice Fix are supporting its album "Pioneering Your Racket" and Cool Blue
Halo are in support of their its to be released "Kangaroo" record. Good pop
is hard to find....

Anycase, here are the upcoming dates for both bands. Some both bands and
some are one or the other -- I'll note the place where we're both playing.

May 28 -- \!/The Horseshoe - Toronto, Licorice Fix  on at 12 pm.
May 31 -- \!/Call The Office - London, Licorice Fix opening for The Rheostatics
June 3 --\!/ElMo, Toronto - Licorice Fix at Elvis Monday
June 11 -- \!/Horseshoe -- Toronto , Cool Blue Halo ( they are also doing
NXNE, but I don't happen to know the date off hand!)
June 19 -- \!/Albion - Guelph, Cool Blue Halo, Licorice Fix and Norman (show
starts at 10 pm)
June 22 --\!/Call The Office - London, Cool Blue Halo, Licorice Fix, My Pet
Genius and Transistor
June 27 --\!/The Club - St.Catherines, Cool Blue Halo and Licorice Fix
June 28 --\!/The Volcano, Kitchener, Cool Blue Halo and Licorice Fix

There will be more to come soon.....including Oshawa, Hamilton, Windsor,
Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto....

Any questions?

Email sthomps3\!/mustang.uwo.ca