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Local Rabbits

hey kiddies,
	unfortunately my prediction came true. I was hoping that the
people of Buffalo would prove me wrong but NOooooo.	
	Many people showed up for the show the Local Rabbits were
headlining in Buffalo yet about 6 actually stayed for the show and 3 of us
were Sloan netters.   Basically the entire crowd was there to see the
local bands i forget the first one and the middle act was Rocketship 7.
they were ok but seriously people really missed out when they left after
Rocketship 7 --hell they paid their five bucks might as well stay and get
their money's worth.  
	this was the first time i saw the Local Rabbits play and i can't
wait to see them again. :)  they're such cuties.  especially Ryan swinging
his hips and arms like the Rock 'n Roll star that he is. ;)
	I got to meet Brian and Kelly fellow Buffalo Sloan netters.  And
Mr. rockstar Ryan even bought me a beer and told us about the drug
dealers out by their van in the parking lot.  woohoo!   
people complain in buffalo 'cause nobody ever plays here and yet when cool
bands play here nobody comes. what a paradox. oh well at least i only have
to be in this hole for summer vacations.


ps Kelly is a poledo diva! ;)