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Re: Local Rabbits

>Many people showed up for the show the Local Rabbits were
>headlining in Buffalo yet about 6 actually stayed for the show and 3 of us
>were Sloan netters.   Basically the entire crowd was there to see the
>local bands... 
--->well, i think that the majority was the bar crowd wandering on back to
see what was happening.  i did see many a stumbling.
i forget the first one and the middle act was Rocketship 7.
--->the first band was Saturn Battery.
>they were ok(Rocketship 7)... 
--->they were more than OK, Cicada is a hit single!
>but seriously people really missed out...they're such cuties.  especially
Ryan swinging
>his hips and arms like the Rock 'n Roll star that he is. ;)
--->I thought the correct term was "Hottie", not cutie.  Yes, Ryan's rawking
on with his bad self showed just how much fun they were having and they
probably really didn't give a toilet if anyone was there to purposely see
them, but they were really excited when we told them why we were there. if i
didn't have to spend the 9 bucks to get in($4 for parking and $5 at the
door), i would have gladly patronized them buying an album or shirt.  Hey
people up north, when you see the Local Rabbits on a bill, don't sit home on
your ass, get up, put your dancin' shoes on, and go see 'em.  Ok, they're
not Sloan, but they definately won't put you to sleep.  Rick James is god.   

>oh well at least i only have
>to be in this hole for summer vacations.
---->that's going toooooooo far.  Buffalo isn't THAT bad.

>ps Kelly is a poledo diva! ;)
----->meaning Kelly took about 1 billion pictures.  Hee hee.
"So see what living's done to me, my eyes are big black balls and I need