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local rabbits, again

  well, now it's complete. all 3 sloan netters from buffalo
 now have posted about the local rabbits show.
  ummm... it is too bad that people don't come out to shows
 in buffalo. it's really hard for smaller bands to get an
 audience around here. the local rabbits didn't seem to be
 affected by the lack of crowd though. they played with as
 much enthusiasm as if the room was packed.
  the local rabbits also got their first taste of
 the mean city when they witnessed some interesting
 characters in the alley doing lines and peeing on their
 bus. another bit o' buffalo was their first experience
 with buffalo chicken wings. mmm.
  it was the last show on a little tour they were doing. they
 played windsor the night before and toronto the night before
 that. now they're heading back to montreal for a few days
 and then they are going out east for a few shows including
 one at the birdland. then they are turning around and joining
 up with the superfriendz for a big tour starting in winnipeg.
 if you're in the toronto area you can catch them on june 14
 during nxne.

  so go catch them when they swing through your town
 in their thrush hermit design inspired bus!


 ps- don't forget to go see scratching post and the new
    grand at birdland on may 31. meet the man behind the
    legend, mr. mike clive.

 pps- julie and brian : hey, you're embarrassing me.