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Re: Cool Blue Halo and Licorice Fix... an update.

>June 11 -- \!/Horseshoe -- Toronto , Cool Blue Halo ( they are also doing
>NXNE, but I don't happen to know the date off hand!)

Cool Blue Halo are playing the Atlas on Saturday June 15 \!/ 12 am as part of
the NxNE festival.

>June 22 --\!/Call The Office - London, Cool Blue Halo, Licorice Fix, My Pet
>Genius and Transistor

My Pet Genius are playing Ania's on Friday June 14 \!/ 9 pm as part of the
very same festival.

Transistor are playing downstairs at the Elmo on Saturday June 15 \!/ 9
pm...yada, yada, yada...