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I guess nobody else posted about this show to avoid self-glorifing 
narcissistic reviews since pretty well everyone in the bands are on 
Sloannet...=) the show I refer to is the last Sanisoft show / first 
Piebald show that was on Saturday night.

Piebald, or whatever they are now, are built for speed...gurus 
of grunge.  heehee...just kidding.  I liked Piebald..thought they 
were really good..the only problem with that set was the mishaps with sound, but that's because 
of the lame-ass soundman...note to all: avoid all things connected to 
the words 'full circle'
These are three talented boys, who could go far if they only had a 
name =) 

Sanisoft were really really great.  I gotta say, I'm pretty sad that 
they won't be playing together anymore.  And that Bob is so great for 
letting me and karen stay with him...=) I can't wait to see Bob and 
Craig's future endeavours...and the new Sanisoft tape should be out 
soon, right Bob?

Moonsocket was really good too.  They apparently hadn't practised 
together before the show and that is really hard to believe...they 
were great.  Ron B is a wildman on bass...

I also got a chance to chat with the guys from Cool Blue Halo 
while waiting and waiting and waiting on Spring Garden Rd. for my drive back
home ...there's going to be a write up on them in the next Chart magazine 
with a photo by catherine stockhausen...according to Jason, they're all
nude but you can't tell because the pictures are head shots =) they'll
be touring in june (i think...maybe july?) to support
their new album.

all in all, a fun day trip.