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Re: bargin bins/least fave Sloan song

> > >P.S. I'm still pondering about something Chris Murphy said on Realtime a
> > >couple of weeks back. When he mentioned what his least favourite songs
> > >were or as he called them `stinkers' he mentioned `Shame Shame'. I think
> > >it's a great song but that's just my opinion. So does anyone have a least
> > >favourite Sloan song or Sloan song they don't like. I didn't really care
> > >for `Pillow Fight' off  the `Never Mind the Molluscs' compilation.
> >
> >
> >i guess i'll join in....i don't like the old version of underwhelmed
> they played on cbc radio last sunday.it was slow and draggy:(
> love shawna.
> >really,i love that version!....especially since thrush hermit are in the video!!  ;)   joel with his reeeeally long hair. you gotta love em! 
what, was Rob 9 at the time?!
> i think my favorite sloans songs would have to be i am the cancer, 
pretty voice, 500 up, and deeper than beauty.

does anyone have any favorite or least favorite thrush hermit song?

my faves are: take another drag, came and went, glumboy, marya, claim to 
lame, you got and answer and french inhale......well, what can i say? i 
love thrush hermit!
least favorite: rosebody......what's with that song anyway?
in montreal