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Re: Playing Pretty Voice On Guitar

It's been updated a tiny bit, but here it is. If the way I think it was done
is correct, The intro is not going to be easily achieved unless you are using
circa beatles era equipment (for splicing, etc.) or a hyper techno studio (ie
computer run..). The guitar chords were played in reverse order, and then the
guitar track of the tape for those few seconds was reversed, thereby making
the chords go in the right order, but with an eerie feel.

Is that for les amis II?
Is there still room on that?
We've got tons o'stuff recorded, So if you still need room, send us a song,
we have far too many recorded for our own good.
>Personally I don't like "Sleepover" or "Marcus Said", but that's just me.

Sleepover is one of my favorite rarities recently. I used to hate it too, But
if you listen closely to the lyrics once or twice through, I guarrantee
You'll be humming it when you should be doing something student-like.  Was
this only on the vinyl underwhelmed, or was there a CD with this song? I've
only seen a 1 song underwhelmed single (which i bought anyway, because i am
stupid and waste money.)

B -> F# -> G# -> E

B -> F# -> G# -> G -> F#

B -> F# -> G# -> G -> E -> F#

A -> B -> E -> A