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Re: tARA lEE rOTH...It's about time I knew what you were about...

That wasn't actually my name in glittering gold, that was me in glittering
gold, you blind idiot.
Plus, it's a well known fact that the lambourghini is taken out for "small
plitterings" only.
Anyhow, who's this Sloan I keep hearing about?
Joe Chan

On Thu, 23 May 1996, Brooks Duncan wrote:

> psavage\!/toronto.cbc.ca (geneyus) writes:
> > People are constantly mentionning you in their posts, which can mean only
> > one thing.  You're a celebrity (?).
> > stick around for awhile at witness the glory that is Sloannet.  You also
> > mentionned, though somewhat cryptically, that I would get to know who the
> > real players are.
> She's a playah alright (in the Ice-T sense). Last time I was in Cowtown I
> saw her rolling through downtown in a black lambourghini with "Joe Chan"
> written on the dashboard in glittering gold. She was about to drive to
> Halifax to do an interview with Sloan. You'd think the gas in a
> lambourghini from Calgary to Halifax would be expensive, but it doesn't
> matter since she's on Murderrecords' payroll.
> >  I still have no clue who you are.
> That's the way she likes it.
> :)
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