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Re: bargin bins/least fave Sloan song

>P.S. I'm still pondering about something Chris Murphy said on Realtime a 
>couple of weeks back. When he mentioned what his least favourite songs 
>were or as he called them `stinkers' he mentioned `Shame Shame'. I think 
>it's a great song but that's just my opinion. So does anyone have a least 
>favourite Sloan song or Sloan song they don't like. I didn't really care 
>for `Pillow Fight' off  the `Never Mind the Molluscs' compilation.

Shame Shame is one of my favorites along with Stood up.  least favorite, but
i don't hate, would have to be "i am the cancer" and number 10 on Smeared.
i can't believe he said that.  Shame Shame is the point when i turn it up
real loud on 2xR.  i can not believe it.