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sloany stuff...

Here's my sloan story for today:
i woke up feeling really crappy...turned on my radio and heard the opening
chords to sloan's version of "case of you" ....then i was happy for the rest
of the day :)

The show in toronto was sooo much fun!! i met maybe about 7 sloan
netters...hi!! and umm i bought gbv's new album, a sebadoh 7",AMAZING
croissants, a leather jacket for 1.93!! at buy the pound and uh that's all i
remember. anyways it was a great say even though i got the worst sunburn...i
looove patrick's horn song :) I developed my photos from t.o. and they
turned out really good... i got a bunch of really cute ones of them being
interviewed. Chris is all posing and making faces.

Umm..one more thing, to anyone who has seen my website: i need a description
of it to add it to searches on the net...something kinda witty..if anyonw
would do this for me i would be soooo greatful
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