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Re: Re: least fave Sloan song/ new releases info?

>P.S. I'm still pondering about something Chris Murphy said on Realtime a 
>couple of weeks back. When he mentioned what his least favourite songs 
>were or as he called them `stinkers' he mentioned `Shame Shame'. I think 
>it's a great song but that's just my opinion.

I agree. I love the song.. it's really clever. and the arrangement is really
Chris, however, seems to hate it: he groaned when I asked them to play it
before the Toronto show last winter.

his dislike for it may have something to do with the fact that it is, as I
seem to remember reading on this list, a nasty swipe
at Laura Borealis, his ex-girlfriend (?). not to get too gossipy, or

my least favorite Sloan song would probably be 'Raspberry'. 

now... less negatively, does anyone know: 
1. when the Inbreds single on murder is coming out?
2. when the Superfriendz will put out anything new?
3. if that "new" Snailhouse single listed in the Derivative catalog is in
fact new? (ie, is there a second one?)

sloan hater ;)