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Re: Moonsocket/Sanisoft/Piebald show

Hey all you Halifax people, because we (ie, jim cooper, brendan and I)
have to do a soundcheck before the show, the Sloan Net part has been
CANCELLED.  Sorry to everyone who was thinking of going.  We're looking
into providing cheap/free doughnuts for the show though, so it might
be worth your while to head down to the Oasis.

> Just a reminder to everyone who's into good music, good atmosphere, and
> maybe timbits that this Saturday night- the Oasis is THE place 2 B.  Here's
> the vital stats:
> Moonsocket
> (with Ron and Chris from Orange Glass backing him up)
> Sanisoft
> (last show ever- Dan's moving out to Alberta to lead the revolt against Preston)
> Piebald
> (it looks like that's their name for good)

'Fraid it's gonna have to change yet again.  Any Suggestions?

> All the action starts 9:30-10:00 and its only $3.  Check it out- especially
> if you haven't been to the new Oasis yet.

that's right, the new Oasis is huge, and tastefully decorated in a
non-cheezy-mural motif.  Pretty Classy joint now.  Well, classier than
it was.  And did I mention it's huge now?

> Bob



You have a problem with Piebald?