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Re: Moonsocket/Sanisoft/Piebald show

> Hey all you Halifax people, because we (ie, jim cooper, brendan and I)
> have to do a soundcheck before the show, the Sloan Net part has been
> CANCELLED.  Sorry to everyone who was thinking of going.  We're looking
> into providing cheap/free doughnuts for the show though, so it might
> be worth your while to head down to the Oasis.

I think that "Hiatus" would be a more accurate word to describe the 
Sloan net potluck.. but that's not to say that you can't bring us food at 
the Oasis.. There _will_ be donuts.. hopefully more than you will want to 
eat. And besides donuts there will be bands.. maybe next weekend we can 
do the potluck? What do you think of the name "Johnny ass kicker and the 
nosebleeds"? Just a question.
Ass slappin Brendan.