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Playing Pretty Voice On Guitar

Okay so I'm a guitar player on the side and I'd like to play Pretty Voice

Actually me and my friends have done okay figuring it out but I think we
could use some help.

I mean it's hard to figure out, learn how to play, record a song andship it
to calgary within a week (it's kind of a fun game :)

So i'd kindly appreciate it if a more experienced guitar player gave me
something more to work with than what is in the Tab FAQ.  Also, how do you
do the intro?  How does he get those weird sounding chords (please don't say
it's some big, expensive pedal).  Anyway, any help to do with playing Pretty
Voice (or any other song) would be greatly appreciated.  I sure hope someone
can help me.

Elizabeth Greenan
Amherst Cove School
PO BOX 209
Borden-Carleton, PEI
C0B 1X0