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Re: tARA lEE rOTH...It's about time I knew what you were about...

can we please take the topic of tlw off of sloan net? it sure isn't ec
content (wait another 30 days, please) and plus it's as exciting as
watching paint dry.

On Wed, 22 May 1996, geneyus wrote:
> People are constantly mentionning you in their posts, which can mean only
> one thing.  You're a celebrity (?).  A long time ago when I was just a

what logic! :)

if someone on sloan net mentions another person on sloan net, it's
probably 'cause a) they're friends b) they were just excited to hear or
see another sloan net kid on the radio or tv. sloan net is like that. most
of us are lameass losers with nothing better to do (particularly warren
rodericks :) and with the notable exception of jon dacey who has no time
for sloan net and makes sure to tell us all at least twice a year :) :) )

> newbie to Sloannet you sent me a rather blunt e-mail saying that I should
> stick around for awhile at witness the glory that is Sloannet.  You also

if you call a complete stranger a fascist for asking people to stick to
the topic of this mailing list, you really shouldn't expect an especially
cheerful tone in further correspondence. you didn't exactly endear
yourselves to a lot of the regular readers and contributors, geneyus.
i don't think i ever used the words "glory" and "sloan net" in the same
sentence, and if i did, it probably referred to deacon covey. :)

> mentionned, though somewhat cryptically, that I would get to know who the
> real players are.  I still have no clue who you are.  I read a post about

i think you missed the point. a lot of mailing lists like sloan net have a
group of people who contribute to the discussion on a regular basis and
after a while, regular readers start to develop an opinion of those
people. what i was trying to say is perhaps it might be a good idea (it is
common netiquette...) to lurk on the list, get a feel for (coles notes
coming up...) who the jokers are (brendan!!), who the sweethearts are
(katrina, tara da costa, sizzleteen), who is the most obsessive and scary
(before musicwest - shant, after musicwest - elizabeth!!! ;) ), who
usually has something witty to add (andrew, rod, listmanagerboy), who is
the passionate one (heather), who's the "love them or hate them"
subscriber (catano and rocchi...and where's jon dacey these days? we need
an update on the rules of rock, seriously), who's the old geezer (cooper,
john in nb, and the fellow down in the states that i'm forgetting his name
and i'm so sorry), who the lyrics/tabs fetishists are (you KNOW who you
are...), who the big boss of alternative music is (J-O-E-C-H-A-N), who the
*real* celebrities ;) are (mpick, rbates, lpearse, cmckenzie, jferguson
might be seen in this light by some) and so on. rob from olympia mentioned
something about cheers...i meant to slug him for that at citr, but i
forgot. :)

and sure you know who i am. i'm the girl mike catano tamed.

> you being at the Sloan "spoken-word jam" at MusicWest then I saw your
> article in Impact this month.  Are you part of the superior race musicians
> commonly bow down to...music journalists?  It's the first time I've seen
> your name in the mag.  Let me in on the secret.

this is totally embarrassing.

the truth of the matter is, i'm on the murderecords payroll. they paid for
my training at columbia university, they paid for my living expenses while
i worked at newspapers in various northern communities so i could hone my
craft, and right now they are paying me the big bucks to write glowing
reviews of all their bands and product in this little magazine Vox. Vox is
going broke and so they can't afford to renew my contract, so the media
consultants at murder went on the prowl for a mag that could fork out the
dough my contract demands. luckily, impact's editor mary dickie is a big
sloan fan. also she's small enough that even jay can pin her down and
force her to sign a deal with them. it would have seemed a little
suspicious if i started out right away with more murder product in this
nationally distributed magazine, so we're using the calgary scene report
(it's all lies, there is no scene here) as a front. i'm the reason marc
brown has to bum smokes and drinks off everyone in halifax, my salary is
roughly 63% of murder's budget. and that's the secret. also sloan is gay.

> By the way, My Pet Genius is going to be on the Impact compilation CD
> (Volume XIV) due in July.  This month's has a good selection of
> East-Coasters (Cool Blue Halo, Plumtree, Al Tuck).

al tuck is the shit. i swear, he has to be the most talented songwriter in
that city. each time i listen to his albums, i pick up on something clever
he's done that i missed the last time i listened. i am so envious of the
kids who got to see his show with rebecca west last weekend, what a show
that must have been. i heard r.west's EP should be out soon. does anyone
have a release date? wow, new records from sloan and rebecca west, all in
the next few weeks. (i know i'm forgetting to mention jale. there's a
reason. :) sorry, listmanagerboy)

tara "getty" lee

ps/ i have a personal email address, like everyone else on sloan net. if
you need the lowdown on a certain individual on the list, geneyus, try
writing to that person instead of a list with over 200 subscribers.

ps+/ the 4th avenue (not street, whoops) overpass was closed. oh fuck.

I "have" a trumpet
which is almost always lent out to some rock star