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Re: bargin bins/least fave Sloan song

On Thu, 23 May 1996, Brooks Duncan wrote:

> Michael Ligon <ai227\!/freenet.toronto.on.ca> writes:
> > as much as their record label had hoped so ... I mean to be put in the 
> > same bin as MC Hammer has a kind of `has-been' status which is an insult 
> > to Sloan.
>  I don't think that the low price that Smeared can be gotten for is any
>  indication of "has-been" status. After all, most of R.E.M.'s and the
>  Tragically Hip's back catalogue is in the same "price category" as
>  Smeared, and neither of those groups, whether we like it or not, are
>  has-beens. :)
Well maybe `has-been' is the wrong word. Just for the record I've never 
thought of Sloan as being has-beens just for being in the bargain bin. 
Rather I think of them as the long lost and forgotten GREAT pop group who 
never really got the attention they deserved. Maybe in twenty years, like 
Big Star, they'll experience a resurgence in popularity and maybe people 
will discover them for the first time. I have hopes for their latest 
album though. Million-seller baby! Ok I'm dreaming again .... but still 
keeping my fingers crossed. 


P.S. I'm still pondering about something Chris Murphy said on Realtime a 
couple of weeks back. When he mentioned what his least favourite songs 
were or as he called them `stinkers' he mentioned `Shame Shame'. I think 
it's a great song but that's just my opinion. So does anyone have a least 
favourite Sloan song or Sloan song they don't like. I didn't really care 
for `Pillow Fight' off  the `Never Mind the Molluscs' compilation.