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haltown hip hop...

Hey y'all,
I thought I would keep you all up to date on whats happening on the 
flipside of the music community here these days..
New DJ Moves solo tape on Ant Records very soon, sounds like solid gold, 
sure to sell like hot cakes. Guest appearances by superstar MCs, you know 
you like it.
New Buck 65 LP "Year Zero" soon on Crappo Records, sounds a little different 
than what you might be expecting, but this isn't Rich, it's his friend Buck, 
people always associate the two.. wrongly so. 6 minute breakdance jam in 
the middle of it all. Can I get a witness?
New Hip Club Groove CD soon but the name escapes me.. I haven't heard it 
yet, but it's sure to be "the bomb". Recorded in Quadrafunkic Hi-Fi stereo.
You love it. I know you love it.
Im out like uhh.. saying that you are out like something,
MC Brendan 33 feet and dancing.