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tARA lEE rOTH...It's about time I knew what you were about...

People are constantly mentionning you in their posts, which can mean only
one thing.  You're a celebrity (?).  A long time ago when I was just a
newbie to Sloannet you sent me a rather blunt e-mail saying that I should
stick around for awhile at witness the glory that is Sloannet.  You also
mentionned, though somewhat cryptically, that I would get to know who the
real players are.  I still have no clue who you are.  I read a post about
you being at the Sloan "spoken-word jam" at MusicWest then I saw your
article in Impact this month.  Are you part of the superior race musicians
commonly bow down to...music journalists?  It's the first time I've seen
your name in the mag.  Let me in on the secret.

By the way, My Pet Genius is going to be on the Impact compilation CD
(Volume XIV) due in July.  This month's has a good selection of
East-Coasters (Cool Blue Halo, Plumtree, Al Tuck).