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Re: Sloan Gig (on a roof! in the US!?)

In a message dated 96-05-22 13:14:30 EDT, you write:

>It seems Sloan will be playni the 89x 5th birthday party this summer, they
>will be sharing the bill with Girls Vs Boys and Screaming Tree's amongst

Jale is among the others (yay!) as are 7 year bitch (uhm.)

> It will be held at the Phoenix in Detroit and will cost $8.00 (yes
>eight dollars) I'm still unaware of the date but shall know sometime today.

The ampitheatre is located on top of a big parking structure. Hardship post
played last year's. If anyone needs directions, e-mail me. We found it last
year by listening for the (rather loud) sound checking and following the
droves of people there for silverchair. But, then it was free last year.
June twenty first, $8.90 (89X)

adam :)