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Re: bargin bins

On Tue, 21 May 1996, Heather MacEachern wrote:

> Has any one noticed that all the sloan cds are on sale in "bargin buys" etc.
> at hmv and all those stores...for 8.99-9.99 and the taped are like
> 5.99...hmmm...good quality sloan stuff for mc hammer etc. prices..comments
> anyone???
> heather

On one hand it's good for us Sloan obsessees because then for a extra 10 
bucks those who have the vinyl version of `Twiced Removed' like me can 
buy the CD also without having to pay a fortune for it. YEAH! :) On the 
other hand, as a barometer of their sales it meant they weren't selling 
as much as their record label had hoped so ... I mean to be put in the 
same bin as MC Hammer has a kind of `has-been' status which is an insult 
to Sloan. i'll have no qualms about them being sell-outs if `One chord to 
another' is their million seller(okay 500 000). Then with all the money 
they make off that record they can continue to support their Murderecords 
label. I'm dreaming ..... but keeping my fingers crossed.