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east vs. west...

hello from waterloo...

while i was reaking havoc on the airwaves monday afternoon, i noticed 
that halifax's the grace babies song "modern" has the same kinda intro / 
guitar riff as the first track on the pal joey (from edmonton) cd.  who's 
ripping off who?  hmm...

speaking of alberta, everyone pick up a copy of this month's _impact_!  
not only is there an article on al tuck (*swooooon*), but our very 
own tara lee wittchen is the calgary scenester at large! :) :) :)  go girl!

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  of interest..... i have the sloan on realtime stuff on tape, as 
well as the sloan-net-y cbc sunday morning segment, friday's interview
with jay and chris on cfny, the two sloan realtime concerts (one in 
toronto, the other in halifax), and an interview jay and chris did on the 
radio from feb/1995.  if anyone out there is interested in hearing this 
stuff, contact me privately, and we'll set up a trade or something.

p.p.s. aaaaurgh! why won't the local rabbits play in 
kitchener/waterloo??? :(

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