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Re: weird behaviour at the superfriendz/inbreds show

On Wed, 22 May 1996, D. Aaron Petrie wrote:
>   Better still, Why not talk about the kids who gave themselves numb arses
> from sitting all the way through the Inbreds set. I took the opportunity to
> tango with Shant.( He's so suave...) 
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>   <*> (The artist formerly known as D. Aaron Petrie)
It was weird, they were practically sitting in perfect rows in front of 
the stage.  I think they've been brainwashed by junior/senior high school 
assemblies.  Before the show, some of them were playing games.  That 
zipzapzop game and some weird handslapping game.  Crazy.  Perhaps "this 
is how to act when not at a school sponsored function" pamphlets  should 
be handed out at the door.  I guess "this is how NOT to act..." would be 
more appropriate.  I wanted to be in front of the stage during the 
inbreds, but they were all sitting there.  Since they paid their money, I 
couldn't very well stand in front of them, although it may have made them 
stand up.  Anyway, I stayed to the side and did my groovy little dance in 
front of those tangoing fools, Shant and Aaron.

that's my story and I'm sticking to it,