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Re: Chart Magazine top 100/ Five-Song Advance Cassette of New Album

>OK, for the webless, here are excerpts from Chart Magazine's top 100 
>Canadian Albums and Singles of all time:
>[with a few comments--Andrew]

        Just a few notes: First off, Maybe this whole Chart thing would
have worked better if the FIRST placing album by a band had been listed,
with all others as Hon. Mentions within the same list- We know Neil Young
is Good (Or, God), and that The Hip are, ahem, popular, but it might have
opened things up a little bit, Y'know ? 
        Second of all, naming all the contributors (instead of those who
got quote excerpts) would have been a good thing in the interests of Full
Disclosure. I for one would be curious about how many Record Company types
had been included, How many band members, and what bands, and if that
skewed things. (To be blunt, anybody who thinks "Objectivity" exsists in
something like this is a pure, natural dolt.)

        Third, Maybe the list (like all things like this- See "Oscars", for
example) skewed a little bit "New". (I recall looking at the final list and
going "Sloan's 2X ? Number one ? That's nuts ! It's a great album,
but....."... and then going home, double checking my own ballot and seeing
that it had been listed on my submission as..... # 2. Ouch, Mea Culpa, Mea
Culpa. )

        Still, even as a start for discussion, this kinda thing is Mucho
Bueno. Or, like I said of the Spin Alternative Record Guide, "This thing is
fine for any Alterna-music fan who has to go to the washroom." : Short,
snappy, points of future discussion and contention. 

        P.S. I've heard the 5-track advance cassette for for the new album,
(Thanks to John Box, MCA Rep Extraordianire...) and I have to note : 1)
that guitar part in "The Good In Everyone" sounds A Lot like "Pump It Up"-
accident, or planned ?  And the intro with the screaming. clapping, etc, is
chezy, and bad; either we already know Sloan are good, or don't- and if we
don't, Then that cheezefest is a big pain in the can, like it;s trying to
convince us of greatness beforehand....2) E turns to G is fripping
brilliant. 3) I think that maybe the track selection for the advance is
skewed more towards songs that have the sound of 2X since everyone's raving
about it now...I wonder if other tracks on the final product sound more
like "Smeared"'s feedback BHWWOOOHHHMMMM..........
"Against The Grain"