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Chart Magazine top 100

OK, for the webless, here are excerpts from Chart Magazine's top 100 
Canadian Albums and Singles of all time:

[with a few comments--Andrew]


     1. SLOAN Twice Removed (DGC/MCA; 1994)
     Four guys who were barely out of diapers when the next artist on
     this list was releasing some of his finest material. Four
     middle-class lads from the unlikely musical mecca of Halifax,
     Nova Scotia. In a parallel world, where these lads live among 
     the decay of a post-Thatcher Merseyside, they are hailed as the
     second coming of the Fab Four. But in this world, they are just
     four guys, with two proper albums, a few singles, and a thriving
     independent label. One disc, Twice Removed, is the Rosetta Stone
     of a subculture. It just keeps getting mentioned. And played. 
     And played. And played. And makes it to the top of a poll 
     assessing the best music ever made in Canada.
     Kinda makes you wonder. Jay Ferguson, Andrew Scott, Chris 
     Murphy, and Patrick Pentland, the four quarters of Sloan,
     have redrawn the map of Canadian music. When the world was
     beginning to think of Canada as the home of Bryan Adams and
     Celine Dion (and we have always cared just a little too much
     about what the world is thinking of us), the four songwriters of
     Sloan were telling a different story of Canadian experience. 
When the biggest band in America was named for a state of religious
     transcendence, Sloan was imprinting our national consciousness
     with a song about being underwhelmed. And in that way, Sloan was
     twice removed waking up with the world on fire about something
     they'd been doing all along without too much manipulation. In 
     the myriad press photos of the band, they always look like 
     they're still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

     Perhaps we were ready for an album of microcosmic proportions in
     1994. It's a sleeper of a record, a collection of 12 small,
     tangled songs and some unnamed anomie. Hidden among the
     distinctive harmonies, the memory-piercing melodies, and the
     distinct contributions of four separate songwriters, different
     favourites persuade you, coax you, cajole you. Quietly. It's a
     record for a land of underestimation.

     We have always had trouble with epic in our arts; somehow, our
     huge landscape has kept us in our place, more comfortable with
     writing in the basement than in the mountains. In Canada, we
     nurture our relationship neuroses; we rarely simply say, "I love
     you"; and when we decide to break up, we (like Sloan) can't even
     do that right. We keep trying to piece something together and 
     the four musicians and songwriters who comprised 
     [past tense??--Andrew] 
     Sloan quite accidentally pieced together the soundtrack of our 

18. SLOAN Smeared (DGC/MCA; 1992)
     Sloan is possibly the best band our country has ever produced. 
In '91, I was working at "that other specialty network" (back in pre-
"Wedge" days), when these four young Haligonians came to perform in 
"the environment". When they broke into song, I felt that proverbial 
shiver up my spine that one gets when experiencing a great band for 
the first time. Young Chris, Jay, Patrick, and Andrew actually sent 
me reeling off my seat the only band that ever had that effect on me 
at that job. (By the time The Inbreds rolled in, I'd already jumped 
ship.) Then you-know-who signed the boys and they became Halifax's 
favourite sons. "Underwhelmed" remixed on Smeared is a pillar for 
the blitz of alternarock to follow. Oh, and one more thing: the     
Puma sneaker company should be forever indebted...
--Exan Auyoung, entertainment reporter, YTV News, YTV

35. ERIC'S TRIP Love Tara (Sub Pop; 1993)
     Listening to Love Tara is like opening a stranger's diary and
discovering his or her most personal and confidential secrets. 
Though the lyrics are vague enough to encourage a wide 
interpretation, the pure emotion in the voices of Rick, Julie, and 
Chris can't be mistaken.
     Musically, it's an eclectic journey of raw punk like "Blinded", 
pure pop such as "Follow", and sparse ballads like "Behind the 
Garage" and "Stove". The low production values that would hurt other 
bands only help Eric's Trip succeed to create a distinct and even 
more intimate sound. Love Tara shows the world that all it takes to 
make a great album is creativity, conviction, a four-track, and a 
--Scott Ferguson, CFMU 93.3 FM host of "The Kool Kids Club"

66) Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill

68) Stompin' Tom Connors Bud the Spud

80) Hardship Post Somebody Spoke


1. The Demics "New York City" (Ready; 1979)
     "Singer Keith Whittaker never really wanted to go to N.Y.C. 
Instead, this song is a gentle rib of fellow '70s New London Punks, 
The Regulators, and their Lou Reed fixation. The grass is not    
always greener. Re-issued recently isn't it time to pay the band 
some royalties?" - William New, Groovy Religion

[who? --Andrew]

2. Sloan "Underwhelmed" (murder/DGC/MCA; 1992)
     "Besides being the possessor of both a refreshing snottiness 
and a geeky poise, Sloan proved with 'Underwhelmed' that you could 
completely circumvent the talent-grinding machines of the    
Toronto-based majors and be an artistic and commercial success on 
your own terms. Oh, and that growing up in a suburb is the same 
everywhere." - Marc Dacey, writer-at-large

[Suburb?? --Andrew]
[Any relation to Jon 'rules of rock' Dacey??]

8. treble charger "Red" (Sonic Unyon; 1994)
     "We all dig it." - Rusty

29. Sloan "Coax Me" (MCA; 1994)
     "Who else can use 'cajole' as a hook?" 
- Cori Ferguson, MCA Records

[Now we know why Jay got Murder signed to MCA?--Andrew]

32. Anne Murray "Snowbird" (Capitol/EMI; 1972)
     ""If listening to this all-Nova Scotian classic isn't proof 
enough of its worth, Elvis gave his favourite singer, Anne Murray, 
the nod by recording it for his country album of the early '70s." 
- Matt Murphy, Super Friendz

75) Evaporators
     "I'm Going to France" 

77) Broken Girl
     "Dog Love" 

79) cub

85) Moist

87) Porcelain Forehead
     "Right Now" 

[I just love this name.  Who are these guys?-- Andrew]

90) hHead

97) Evaporators
     "Welcome to My Castle" Nardwuar

98) Hardship Post
     "Why Don't..." - 

99) Hayden
     "Bad As They Seem"