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Sloan's "rooftop" gig last week

>From Chart Magazine's website, I didn't note the URL but
www.synapse.ca/chart/ rings a bell.



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     Chart Music Editor Liisa Ladouceur checked out a free outdoor
     Sloan concert a few hours ago. Here's what went down:

          Several hundred fans came out this afternoon to slow down
          Toronto traffic and check out Sloan play a CFNY-sponsored
          gig at the modern rock radio station's new studio at 204
          Yonge St. For fans, it was a 40-minute sneak preview of the
          new album, One Chord to Another, which has a stripped down
          feeling to the production. The guys did play "Penpals" from
          Twice Removed, but the rest of the 35 minute set consisted
         entirely of new material, and was very similar to the band's
          recent Music West show. No longs chats took place between
          songs; instead, the band offered a couple of "thank you's."

          CFNY's concert wasn't quite a rooftop affair, but more of a
         second storey serenade. The glass-windowed studio is located
          on the ground level of the Eaton Centre complex; just above
          is a second floor balcony the band played on, facing into
          the street and waving to passing cars. Further back are the
          higher levels of the builiding.

          Amongst the people hanging out was city mayor Barb Hall
          amidst the scads of teenage girls with brightly coloured
          hair. The docile but receptive crowd clapped between songs
          and cheered for an encore. Some fans were slightly
          disappointed that the band didn't play any previous hits,
          and one chyck sighed saying, "I wish they'd play something 
          I knew." But if they'd played something popular there might
          have been a rush.

         On the whole, the fireworks and music were fun. And the band
          got to do more than play a gig and do some interviews while
          in town; they also just shot a video for an upcoming track
          off of Chord, "The Good in Everyone."


     Liz Phair has been working on her upcoming third album on a home
     studio in her new Chicago apartment. In the mean time she's been
    testing out songs in a variety of places. Several were debuted in
     Austin at SXSW a few months ago, including "Oh My God," "Ride,"
     "Kiss the Buddha" and "Rocket Boy," the latter being used on the
     soundtrack to Bernardo Bertolucci's coming-of-sexual-age film
     Stealing Beauty starring Liv Tyler (daughter of Steven) and
     Jeremy Irons. (The song will be the first single off the
    soon-to-be-released collection, alongside ethereal tunes by Mazzy
     Star, Cocteau Twins, and Portishead, as well as classics by Nina
     Simone and Billie Holiday.) And just last Sunday (May 12), Liz
     dropped by the set of MTV's Squirt TV to play a medley of "Oh My
     God" and "That's the Way I Like It." Now Phair is in L.A. this
     week to film a video for "Rocket Boy" with director Jon Mentz.
     Phair's label Matador has given a tentative date of fall '96 for
     the release. (SOURCE: Addicted To Noise)